New Product Development

DOTec Engineering is an industry leader in the development of new products. We have the capability for the simulation of parts and components under static, dynamic, fatigue and forced vibration loads. Thru relationships with local as well as national laboratories we perform independent testing of materials. Our engineers use the latest design, analysis and experimental tools and methods to accurately model product and process performance, optimize, determine reliability, and to predict failures before they occur.

We specialize in helping consumer products manufacturers as well as inventors improve profitability by dramatically reducing development time, eliminating trial and error rework, compressing process cycle times, rapidly resolving problems, and reducing risks associated with product liability. From medical to home, automotive, industrial components and a variety of other consumer products, we offer the most comprehensive performance simulation services in the industry.

Some of our Product Development services include:


  • Product Design
  • Failure Analysis
  • Process Simulation
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Process Technology
  • Legal Support
  • Testing
  • Injection Molding
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics
  • Material Science